The company


SideStroem Water Technologies applies advanced separation technologies in industrial wastewater treatment and industrial processes to decrease costs through energy savings combined with increased recovery of water & valuable solute side streams.


SideStroem Water Technologies aims to make a positive environmental impact and contribute to reversing Mankind’s ecological overspending by recycling resources from wastewater and improving the efficiency of industrial processes.

the team

Co-founder & Advisor

Mark Perry has +13 years of combined water membrane development & commercial experience spanning technology commercialization & market entry strategies, P&L leadership, technology & product development, operations, and organization development.


Co-founder & Director
system design

Zach Thye has +15 years of experience in providing solutions for water and wastewater treatment systems. Specializing in design, build, and operation of water assets including ultra pure water systems, industrial water & wastewater treatment systems, and potable water supply.


Co-founder & Director
Technology development

Zuo Jian has +10 years of experience in developing new membrane technologies and fabrication methods, such as hollow fiber spinning, membrane fabrication, membrane distillation, pervaporation, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and more.