Journey with SideStroem as we reinvent resource recovery

Why SideStroem Water Technologies?

Earth’s capacity to regenerate resources is currently vastly exceeded, which is resulting in a host of environmental crises such as climate change, dwindling freshwater resources, widespread pollution, and loss of biodiversity.

Action is needed.

Enter SideStroem; a water technology company founded with the purpose of reducing global ecological overspending by means of advanced separation technologies that increase resource recovery and enable productivity gains.

SideStroem Water Technologies works towards UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6, ensuring access to water and sanitation for all.

SideStroem Water Technologies works towards UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12, ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.

About us

We are a team of experienced water professionals based in Singapore and Malaysia. With close to 40 years of combined experience, our competencies include development and commercialization of new membrane technologies as well as providing solutions for water and wastewater treatment systems:

  • Mark Perry: Co-founder and Advisor (LinkedIn)
  • Zach Thye: Co-founder and Director (LinkedIn)
  • Zuo Jian: Co-founder and Director (LinkedIn)

We are proudly incubated by Ripple2Wave, a Singapore-based incubator with a team of experienced water investors who are building emerging water technology leaders to serve global markets.

Being one of the most heavily polluted industries, companies in the textile and dye industry start to look for technologies to give value to the “waste” to further minimize their environmental impact and to save on OPEX. SideStroem’s value proposition on recycling of the valuable products while treating the wastewater finely addresses this problem statement. SideStroem’s team brings to the table technical capabilities, execution power as well as deep market understanding. Ripple2wave looks forward to working with the company towards success.

Dr. Catherine Yue, Senior Incubation Director, Ripple2Wave

Journey with us

We welcome investors and collaboration partners who share our vision.

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