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SideStroem and SIT Collaborate to Optimise Industrial Wastewater Treatment Through Nanofiltration-type Forward Osmosis Membranes

SideStroem Water Technologies and the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) have embarked on a research collaboration to develop nanofiltration-type forward osmosis (NF-FO) membranes for resource recovery, an emerging technology that enables productivity gains in industrial wastewater treatment. The technology presents several advantages that enable simultaneous recovery of both water and valuable solutes from wastewater streams […]

Journey with SideStroem as we reinvent resource recovery

Why SideStroem Water Technologies? Earth’s capacity to regenerate resources is currently vastly exceeded, which is resulting in a host of environmental crises such as climate change, dwindling freshwater resources, widespread pollution, and loss of biodiversity. Action is needed. Enter SideStroem; a water technology company founded with the purpose of reducing global ecological overspending by means […]