SideStrom is thrilled to join Imagine H2O Asia’s accelerator!

November 12, 2022

About Imagine H2O Asia

Imagine H2O Asia is Asia’s first and leading accelerator dedicated exclusively to providing mentor-ship, network access and on-the-ground support to accelerate piloting and customer acquisition opportunities for Asia’s leading water tech start-ups.

About SideStroem Water Technologies Pte. Ltd.

We’re a Singapore-based water tech start-up founded in 2021 dedicated to reducing global ecological overspending through advanced resource recovery & productivity gains. In short, we reinvent resource recovery.

Today, Earth’s resources are being depleted much faster than they can be regenerated, which is resulting in a host of environmental crises such as climate change, dwindling freshwater resources, widespread pollution, and loss of biodiversity. Our technologies improve wastewater recycling and make industrial processes more efficient. We achieve this by means of advanced membranes that allow us to selectively recover and extract water & solutes from wastewater and industrial process streams.

About Imagine H2O Asia Cohort 4

Thirteen companies – out of a field of more than 100 applicants – will participate in Imagine H2O Asia’s Cohort 4 where they will be addressing a wide range of water related challenges across Asia-Pacific including flood prediction, septic tank cleaning, wastewater treatment process efficiency and more.

Over the next year, SideStroem looks forward to benefiting from the program through mentor-ship by leading industry experts as well as increasing our network access, fine-tuning our market access strategies, securing piloting opportunities and laying the foundation for future expansion of commercial activities.

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